Benefits of Architectural Scale Modeling

From a miniature car or the replica of his favourite super hero? Remember the little ones who make their own space for perking cars, or build rooms for their dolls to stay with left-out household things? Well, these small toys are nothing but a child's first brush with scale modelling. Scale model, thus, is nothing but a visual and physical representation of an object, which with time found its use in different fields such as engineering, military command, salesm...

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Challenges faced by Builders without a Scale Model

Builders, generally, use a scale model to have a frame of reference before they go on to build the actual object. So, in layman terms, a scale model is one that would physically represent the true object in all respects. It should maintain the aspect ratio, the build configuration, the physical constitution and should use the same scientific work principles as meant for the original object. Moreover, the way the scale model would behave with the real world should be as close as possible to th...

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Scaling Success with the Perfect Model

The success of an architectural design depends upon so many issues. Getting an approval for the design is a matter of crossing many technical hurdles. One of the tools to aid this process is the usage of architectural models.  They showcase the intention and the merits of a specific design.


This model making depends upon the scale of the model vis-à-vis the actual construction. This very crucial step in the model making process can determine the utility ...

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